Should Bez Rely Too Much on Being Green?

Green Party Mark II?

bez green party

The Reality Party or the Green Party?

After posting the Fallowfield Garden post yesterday, I was contacted by a Twitter follower asking why Bez didn’t just join the Green Party instead of going to the effort of forming his own(The Reality Party). Although I agree with Bez’s decision, I have to admit I was stumped for an answer! It was a very good question.

After all, Bez shares the core basic principles of the Green Party: Sustainable energy, fairer society, anti-war etc… and on first reflection, The Reality Party seems as though it is merely a Green Party: Mark II!

And there is nothing wrong with that I suppose.

But for me, it raises a much more fundamental question: Why campaign soley on green issues when the Green Party hasn’t historically found success in Salford? (It didn’t even feature in the 2010 general election for Salford and Eccles.) Do green issues even matter to Salfordians when compared to the issues raised by Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems and maybe more pressingly UKIP?

Times have changed – Fracking

Since 2010, fracking has changed the political geography of Salford (Never mind the physical geography!) and of course it is the reason Bez got into politics in the first place. Maybe the Green Party will have featured more prominently and found more success in 2010 if Fracking had reared it’s ugly head then.

But then that raises yet another question. Will the Green Party feature in the general election for Salford and Eccles next year?

I would guess yes (see here). Which means that Bez will be fighting a whole party with the same agenda, but with more money, more people power, and perhaps more credibility on the subject than his own party!

So should Bez rely too much on being green?

Bez enjoys the publicity, support and down to earth personality that most career politicians could only dream of. After all, his official party launch was in a pub in Eccles where his reception from the people of Salford was nothing less than inspirational!

Fracking isn’t just an environmental problem, it is a people problem. And that’s the difference between Bez and the Green party! Bez decided to take on fracking personally because no-one in government seemed to care about what the people thought. So he did it himself.

It is this man-of-the-people status that he should build on. Instead of just relying on Green issues (which I believe Salfordians do care about), The Reality party should ‘branch out’ and represent genuine working class Salfordians on a number of other areas in which they feel completely neglected by the government. A true party of the people. Something no other party is today! Not Labour, not the Tories, not UKIP, and not even the Green party.

How should the Reality Party branch out?

We will discuss this in our next post ‘Party of the people: SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX’



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